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Written by two long-time friends and civil liberties advocates -- one more liberal, the other more conservative -- The Shadow University illuminates the attack on liberty that has dominated our nation's college campuses for nearly two decades.

This book shows how the best aspects of the 1960's -- free speech, equality of rights, respect for private conscience, and a sense of undergraduate liberties and adult responsibilities -- have died on our campuses. What is left of that heady decade are its worst part: self-appointed "progressives" who seek to enforce moral and political orthodoxies through abuse and coercion rather than reason. In a nation whose future depends upon an education in freedom, colleges and universities are teaching the values of censorship, self-censorship, and self-righteous abuse of power.

The Shadow University, published by The Free Press in hardcover in 1998 and, the following year, by HarperPerennial in paperback -- both still in print -- is yet more relevant since 9/11. Faculty members who eagerly dismantled the structures of liberty in the 1980s and 1990s have now discovered that one reaps what one sows, and that censorship is a weapon that, if tolerated, all sides may use.  If the past twenty years proves anything, it is that liberty is non-partisan and an essential way of being human, morally, politically, and intellectually.

The Shadow University is an urgent call to all those concerned with liberty -- liberals, conservatives, and everything in between -- to join together in defense of liberty for the next generation, by restoring free speech, equality of rights, fair procedures, and respect for private conscience and individuality on our colleges and universities.

Table of Contents

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Acknowledgements ix
Introduction 1
Part I: The Assault on Liberty
1. The Water Buffalo Affair 9
2. Free Speech in a Free Society 34
3. What Is Academic Freedom? 50
4. Marcuse's Revenge 67
5. The Moral Reality of Political Correctness 97
Part II: The Assault on Free Speech
6. The Assault on Faculty Speech 113
7. "Shut Up," They Reasoned: Silencing Students 146
Part III: The Assault on the Individual
8. Individual Identity: the Heart of Liberty 187
9. American Thought Reform 210
10. Double Standards: Some Are More Equal than Others 233
Part IV: The Assault on Due Process
11. The Rules of Civilization 265
12. The Courts of Star Chamber 289
13. "Not on My Watch" 312
Part V: Restoring Liberty
14. Sue the Bastards? 339
15. "Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant" 355
Notes 375
Index 401
About the authors 415

After co-authoring The Shadow University, Alan C. Kors and Harvey A. Silverglate received hundreds of pleas for help from victims of illiberal policies, double standards, and intrusions upon private consciences on college campuses. In response, they founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a non-profit based in Philadelphia.