Feds run amok? Civil liberties lawyer uncovers prosecutors' abuse of power

The Harvard Law Record
January 14, 2010
By Matt Hutchins 

"According to Silverglate, federal prosecutors have increasingly come to rely on vague criminal laws to investigate and indict professionals in the fields of medicine, politics, law, business, journalism, and non-profit service for a range of practices that have not historically been criminalized. The reasons for these prosecutions range from the self-aggrandizing desire of prosecutors to impose standards of professional conduct on other economic domains to the crass abuse of power for purely political motives. ... (Read on at HLRecord.org)

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Silverglate, in a book, indicts federal prosecutors

The Boston Globe
November 23, 2009
By Steve Weinberg

"Boston lawyer Harvey A. Silverglate began outlining what became the book “Three Felonies a Day’’ 19 years ago, when he could no longer contain his anger at what he viewed as federal prosecutors abusing their power. Now that the book is complete, it will be interesting to watch whether a defense lawyer’s indictment of those he says sometimes file criminal charges against seemingly innocent women and men will alter the balance of power. (Read on at Boston.com)

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The wrong arm of the law

The Guardian (UK)
November 17, 2009
By Dan Kennedy

"In an important new book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, Boston civil-rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate argues that over the past several decades the federal government, relying on vague, dangerously elastic statutes, has criminalised a whole range of activities. The result, Silverglate contends, is that people are regularly sent to prison for crimes they hadn't even known they'd committed. ... (Read on at guardian.co.uk)

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'Three Felonies' an indictment against Justice Department

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
July 13, 2009
By Judge Robert Cornetta

"In a work that is sure to stir sharp public debate, veteran defense-attorney-turned author Harvey A. Silverglate examines the legally and politically charged issues surrounding recent federal criminal prosecutions. (Read on at masslawyersweekly.com - subscription required) 

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