Harvey can generally be reached at his Cambridge home-office:

607 Franklin Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel. 617/876-5610

He also frequently works out of the offices of 
Zalkind, Duncan & Bernstein LLP, the Boston law firm to which Harvey is "of counsel."

65A Atlantic Avenue

Boston, MA 02110

Tel. 617/742-6020

time-sensitive communications, Harvey urges you to contact him by email (has@harveysilverglate.com) as well as through his research assistants, Zachary Bloom, Juliana DeVries, Timothy Moore and Dan Schneider, by email (zachary@harveysilverglate.com, juliana@harveysilverglate.com, tmoore@harveysilverglate.com, dschneider@harveysilverglate.com) or by telephone (direct line: 617/876-5610) to ensure a prompt reply. Although Harvey makes his best efforts to respond in a timely manner to all requests, he is a busy person and -- to his everlasting frustration -- has only 24 hours in each day.

Please contact Juliana or Zachary if you wish to receive announcements and publications through Harvey's distribution list.