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The Boston Bar Journal


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The Boston Phoenix 

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  • 9/09/05 "Poetic License" (Is the 9/11 Commission Report the First American Epic?) with Leslie Dunton-Downer and Daniel Aaron.)

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The CATO Journal
Winter 2001 "The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors & Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice"

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Civil Liberties Review


Gay Community News;

The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Law Review

Inc. Technology Magazine 

Los Angeles Times

Masschusetts Lawyers Weekly

Media Studies Journal 

Minding The Campus 

The National Law Journal 

The New York Post 

  • 2/25/08 "Rachel's Law" (on Rachel Ehrenfeld and libel tourism, with Sam Abady)

The New York Times Book Review 

The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Real Paper

Reason Magazine 

Ridgewood (N.J.) Herald-News 

Slate Magazine 

The Sunday News 

The Village Voice

The Wall Street Journal 

The Washington Times 


Wilson Quarterly