Should Bulger Trial Judge Recuse Himself? Silverglate on WBUR

There are two tests for whether a judge should recuse him or herself from a trial. First, does the judge have a bias? And second, might a reasonable person question the judge's impartiality? Reasonable questions certainly exist as to whether Whitey Bulger trial judge Richard Stearns can be impartial, including the accusation that the U.S. Attorney's Office "judge shopped" to put the case in front of Judge Stearns instead of Judge Wolf. David Boeri interviews me (and others) for his WBUR report on this controversy. 
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Bulger's Girlfriend Faces Sentencing

Today U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock sentenced Catherine Greig to 8 years in prison for harboring longtime fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger. On Friday, prosecutors requested a 10-year sentence, while Greig’s defense, as well as the probation department, recommended 27-33 months. David Boeri interviewed me for WBUR about this emotionally charged case.

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Anatomy of a Bad Confession

On Thursday, February 16th, David Boeri, a friend, colleague, and sometimes co-conspirator is going to be joining WCVB Television's "Chronicle" to discuss an absolutely outrageous case of injustice: the story of a 16 year old girl who was coerced by the Worcester police department into confessing to the murder of her infant. 

The girl, Nga Truong, spent three years in jail before her release following a judge's order. After WBUR’s story aired in December, “Anatomy of A Bad Confession” prompted public outrage nationwide, calls for changes in the law and discipline of the police officers involved.

Now, Boeri continues to follow Truong’s story with a special half-hour report and an exclusive television interview with her for WCVB-TV. It airs on Chronicle this Thursday evening at 7:30. I truly believe that this is must-see TV. 

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