When looking a gift horse in the mouth, it's best to accurately count the teeth

Lowell Milken’s recent $10 million gift to the UCLA School of Law has been met with a firestorm of ignorant vitriol from a number of UCLA Law School professors. As 
reported in the New York Times earlier this week, one professor, Lynn Stout, went so far as to lament that “the creation of a Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy will damage my personal and professional reputation” and “I think it’s somewhat distressing that so few people seem to be aware of Lowell and Michael Milken’s business history.”

In my latest Injustice Department column, I discuss this history, show that Lowell Milken was nothing more than a victim of prosecutorial over-zeal, and argue that UCLA should be proud, and humbled, that such a victim of “law and policy” might found an institute for its study.

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