Bulger's Girlfriend Faces Sentencing

Today U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock sentenced Catherine Greig to 8 years in prison for harboring longtime fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger. On Friday, prosecutors requested a 10-year sentence, while Greig’s defense, as well as the probation department, recommended 27-33 months. David Boeri interviewed me for WBUR about this emotionally charged case.

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The John Edwards trial: the prosecutors' ball of steel wool predictably sinks, for Forbes.com

The day that I read the judge’s instructions to the jury in the John Edwards campaign financing criminal trial, I predicted a deadlocked jury on all counts. I was close. Why was I so certain of this outcome despite Edwards’ exceptionally unsavory character? Because the jury instructions were so obtuse that not even the judge herself (were she honest about it) could understand them. The Edwards trial provides yet another example of overzealous federal prosecutors using dangerously unclear statutes to go after whomever they choose, regardless of whether the person in question has actually committed a crime.

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Interview with David Boeri on Robert George Money-Laundering Case

Well-known defense attorney Robert George was recently convicted on money-laundering charges. In this scandalous case, the DEA paid the key witness for the prosecution, Ron Dardinski, $28,000 to testify. The DEA then promised Dardinski additional money and 10 percent of any assets forfeited by the defendant in the event of a conviction. David Boeri interviewed me about the case on June 8 for WBUR; you can find the recording after the jump.
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Harvey on Nightside with Dan Rea, Originally Broadcast May 11th, 2012

Last week I stopped by the WBZ radio program Nightside with Dan Rea to talk about a seemingly unimportant piece of legislation, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, which had been passed with overwhelming bipartisan support last March. While the act's title implies that it is dedicated to improving the landscaping around federal buildings, Dan and I discuss how the new law has real freedom of speech implications: it represents unprecedented restrictions on protests near those under secret service protection. As we have learned over the years, laws are often not what they seem...
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NACDL Podcast Audio Available

This week I was a guest on NACDL's weekly podcast, "The Criminal Docket," where Mary Price and I discussed the overcriminalization crisis that has plagued America for the past three decades. It was a wide-ranging discussion of the causes, effects and possible solutions to the vast proliferation of vague statutes and overzealous prosecutions at the federal level. You can find the full audio of the podcast on iTunes, or by clicking here.

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