Vote for Death with Dignity

Massachusetts voters face a question of profound importance on the ballot this November. That is, whether to approve the Death with Dignity Act, which would permit physicians to prescribe life-ending medication to patients with incurable disease and less than six months to live. In a recent column for the Boston Herald, co-authored with my research assistant Juliana DeVries, we argue that personal liberty should govern this most personal area of life: one’s own death. If terminally-ill adults want to end their lives and their suffering, the government should allow them the merciful option of doing so. 

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The right to videotape a cop

Yesterday, I was quoted in a story in the Boston Herald about a new lawsuit brought by my colleague Harold Friedman against the Boston Police Department. Harold's client, Maury Palino, alleges that he was hit and pepper sprayed in retaliation for filming some policemen making a violent arrest. In the article, I argue that the right to film police officers is essential to promoting an open and more free society, a right, incidentally, recognized by the courts in Simon Glik's recent case.

You can find the article by clicking here.

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TFD Excerpt in the Boston Herald: Hub Author Tells of Bribes, Perjury, Feds Gone Haywire

Featured in the Sunday, October 18 edition of the Boston Herald is the story of former Boston Mayor Kevin White and his political ally Theodore Anzalone, a segment from the first chapter of Three Felonies a Day. The excerpt chronicles federal prosecutors’ crusade to unseat Mayor White in the early 1980s. The prosecutorial techniques used – pressuring lower-level administration officials to “flip” against their superiors and to provide testimony that (no surprise!) turned out to be false, along with “creative” use of a criminal statute to encompass conduct not clearly covered by it – offer a glimpse at the pernicious developments described in Three Felonies a Day. And the saga sheds new light on current Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s title as longest-serving mayor in Boston history.

Read on to view a PDF of the print edition in your browser.

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