Lessons for all as the Probation Department saga ends

Within the past few hours, the trial of former Probation Department head John J. O'Brien and his two deputies finally came to a conclusion. My research assistant Daniel Schneider and I have taken the liberty of writing a long-needed response, just published by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, to this malicious prosecution by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston.

If you have a subscription to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly you can read (and comment on) our piece online. Otherwise, click here to view the column as a PDF in your browser.

As always, I appreciate your feedback on the topic at hand, and you can reach me or Daniel directly at harvey@harveysilverglate.com or daniel@harveysilverglate.com. If you’d like to write a Letter to the Editor in response to this column, you can email  Henriette.Campagne@lawyersweekly.com.  

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Justice Goes After the GOP

My views on the Holder Justice Department’s ill-considered recent displays of prosecutorial overzeal and worse are set forth in my latest piece for the Wall Street Journal.

As always, I’d appreciate your feedback on the topic at hand and encourage you to either post a comment directly below the column on the WSJ’s website, or reach me directly at has@harveysilverglate.com. If you’d like to write a Letter to the Editor in response to my column, you can email wsj.ltrs@wsj.com.

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The Swartz suicide and the sick culture of the DOJ

In the aftermath of the unfathomably sad suicide of Aaron Swartz, I was asked to do an op-ed for the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. I was given leave to be frank, and so I was frank. The piece after the jump...

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