Bulger's Girlfriend Faces Sentencing

Today U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock sentenced Catherine Greig to 8 years in prison for harboring longtime fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger. On Friday, prosecutors requested a 10-year sentence, while Greig’s defense, as well as the probation department, recommended 27-33 months. David Boeri interviewed me for WBUR about this emotionally charged case.

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Interview with David Boeri on Robert George Money-Laundering Case

Well-known defense attorney Robert George was recently convicted on money-laundering charges. In this scandalous case, the DEA paid the key witness for the prosecution, Ron Dardinski, $28,000 to testify. The DEA then promised Dardinski additional money and 10 percent of any assets forfeited by the defendant in the event of a conviction. David Boeri interviewed me about the case on June 8 for WBUR; you can find the recording after the jump.
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In three-part series, WBUR's David Boeri shines light on federal prosecutorial misconduct

WBUR-90.9-FM, one of Boston’s NPR-affiliated stations, this week ran a three-part report, by reporter David Boeri, on a remarkable case that has arisen in the federal court in Boston, in which evidence of alleged serious misconduct on the part of a federal prosecutor has been uncovered. Boeri interviewed me in parts 2 and 3 of his report, because – I assume – of my long-standing concern with Department of Justice tactics that pose a serious risk of convicting the innocent.

Some of the dangers posed by the DOJ’s practices with regard to “honing” the testimony of cooperating witnesses are discussed in the Introduction to Three Felonies a Day, at pp. XXXVIII to XLIII.

Below are links, as well as embedded audio, to the three WBUR segments.

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