The Lying Witness, the Dank Cellar, and the Dingy Coffee Shop

William Weld famously won 109 out of the 111 cases his office prosecuted when he was US Attorney for Massachusetts. I am quite proud to be one of the two blemishes on his career. All it took was overzealous prosecutors, unscrupulous federal agents, a lying witness (hardly unusual in federal criminal trials), and the basement of a dingy coffee shop.

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An Informant in Our Midst

It was shocking enough, in the course of representing one Sheldon Seigel, a member of the feared Jewish Defense League (JDL) accused, with other JDL members, of a bombing-murder in 1972, that our client turned out to be a government informant. But it was even more shocking to learn that our informant-client had tape-recorded the law enforcement agents who were making promises to him that they might not have intended to keep.
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