Tufts Students Interview Silverglate on Baran Case

Tufts undergraduates Aeden Pillai and Mike Yeung recently interviewed me on the topic of prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Bernard Baran for their course on contemporary issues in the criminal justice system. You can read the piece on Mr. Pillai's blogwith an excerpt after the jump. 

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Should Attleboro Teens Have Been Arrested After Posting Threats On Facebook?

Two days ago I was asked to appear on WBUR Radio's "Radio Boston" in order to discuss a recent case that has gotten quite a bit of press. The case involves two Attleboro, MA teenagers who were arrested after posting comments on Facebook about school shootings. Slate's Emily Bazelon and I discussed the charges before taking questions from callers.

You can find my interview after the jump.
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Boston Phoenix: "You're All Guilty!"

Boston Phoenix Executive Editor Peter Kadzis has an extensive interview with me on Three Felonies a Day in this week's edition of the paper. Among other topics, we delve into how the problem of abusing vague statutes is nonpartisan in nature, and has gotten worse under every administration since Ronald Reagan. Kadzis writes:

Silverglate's thesis is as provocative as it is simple: justice has become sufficiently perverted in this nation that federal prosecutors, if they put their minds to it, could find a way to indict almost any one of us for almost anything. It is a truly radical notion.

Silverglate presents a series of freestanding case studies that range from Wall Street to the Massachusetts State House, to Boston City Hall, to a suburban doctor's office, to a Midwest university, to the newsroom of the New York Times.

At this curious moment in history, Silverglate's book might not shock either the left or the right. For some time now, the two opposing wings of the American centrist polity have been alarmed by the predatory nature of our national government. For those in the middle of the political spectrum, however, Silverglate's book should be a bracing wake-up call. Liberty and freedom are being compromised, one prosecution at a time.

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