'Three Felonies a Day' Garners a Shout-out from George F. Will

There has been much outrage about the federal government's crusade against Nancy Black, the marine biologist and whale watch guide currently facing charges of abusing whales (by allegedly feeding them) and tampering with evidence. George F. Will's July 27 column in the Washington Post is a veritable indictment of the conduct of Department of Justice and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration overreach. The column makes for interesting reading, and also contains a shout-out to my book Three Felonies A Day. Will is right to connect Nancy Black's misfortunes at the hands of federal agents with the greater picture of overcriminalization. The vast, unchecked expansion of the federal criminal code in recent decades, which has criminalized many of the basic activities of civil society, means that not even a whale watch guide is safe if a whale is too friendly for federal agents' comfort.
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