After Awful Tragedies, The Campus Bureaucracy Expands

Recent coverage of the Sandusky scandal has hastily reached the conclusion that what Penn State and other campuses require are more rules and regulations—and more administrators to enforce them—in the name of “risk management.” In my most recent piece for Minding the Campus, I point out that an army of lawyers and administrators who handle "risk" should not be necessary to assure that action be taken when the football coach is told that one of his assistants is raping young boys in the locker room shower. The Penn State scandal is a symptom of a larger cultural problem that infects our universities nationwide. It should be a wake-up call to our nation's universities—not to hire more administrators, lawyers, and risk consultants, but to undo the tyranny of the toxic campus cultures that administrators have created with the quiet acquiescence of trustees and outside the knowledge of alumni, students and parents, as well as the news media that have been fooled for so long by the new academic culture.

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