NightSide with Dan Rea

Last Wednesday, July 18, I appeared on CBS Boston's NightSide with Dan Rea, to discuss the plight of former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Sal DiMasi. DiMasi was convicted in 2009 of committing "honest services fraud," a vague and dangerous law, and is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence. As I discussed in a column in the Boston Phoenix earlier this month, DiMasi's treatment at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Prisons has been unconscionable. And, in light of his recent delayed cancer diagnosis, DiMasi's treatment amounts to a type of torture, with the sole purpose of softening him up to give testimony more favorable to the government before a grand jury sitting in Worcester.

My NightSide interview is a wide-ranging discussion of the DiMasi debacle, and can be found on the CBS Boston website.
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Should Attleboro Teens Have Been Arrested After Posting Threats On Facebook?

Two days ago I was asked to appear on WBUR Radio's "Radio Boston" in order to discuss a recent case that has gotten quite a bit of press. The case involves two Attleboro, MA teenagers who were arrested after posting comments on Facebook about school shootings. Slate's Emily Bazelon and I discussed the charges before taking questions from callers.

You can find my interview after the jump.
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Tarek Mehanna Found Guilty

I was saddened, though not terribly surprised, when I heard yesterday that after only ten hours of deliberations, a federal jury found Tarek Mehanna guilty of all seven counts for which he stood accused. Jurors felt the government had proven that Mehanna provided "material assistance to terrorists" for such actions as making translations of jihadi videos. Mehanna now awaits sentencing and may face up to life in prison for acts that, until now, seemed clearly protected under the First Amendment.

I was asked by PBS affiliate WGBH-TV, and NPR affiliate WBUR, to speak about the Mehanna case yesterday on their respective stations.

Click here for my interview on WBUR's Radio Boston (Dec. 20), or listen to the audio clip below.

Radio Boston

Click here for my interview on WBUR's Morning Edition (Dec. 21), or listen to the audio clip below.

Morning Edition

After the jump is video of my interview on WGBH-TV's Greater Boston (Dec. 20).

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Discussing Tarek Mehanna on WBUR

On Tuesday, I was invited to discuss the Tarek Mehanna case on WBUR's radio program "Greater Boston." In the show, I debated Captain Glenn Sulmasy, a Law Professor at the US Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

As I have written here and elsewhere, my view is that the Mehanna case is, fundamentally, about free speech. Mehanna's translations of some Jihadi videos form the basis for his most serious charges of "Providing Material Support to Terrorists." I argue, in my debate with Capt. Sulmasy, that translations represent clearly protected speech; after all, I could make a translation of Mein Kampf, and it would not mean that I should be arrested for having urged the killing of Jews and Gypsies!

To hear a recording of the segment, click here, or listen to the embedded program below.

Radio Boston

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Interview on CBS Boston, NightSide with Dan Rea

Listen to the radio interview on the CBS Boston site, in which I discuss, among other topics, the dangerous elasticity of wire fraud and mail fraud, or listen to the embedded audio after the jump.

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