Harvey's Home Office:

607 Franklin Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel. (617) 661-9156

Research assistant's tel. (617) 876-5610

Note: It is preferable for callers to try to reach Harvey's research assistant first, and call Harvey directly if that fails.

Further note: Email is preferred to telephone. In emergencies, try both.


Boston Law Firm Office:

Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP

65A Atlantic Avenue

Boston, MA 02110

Tel. (617) 742-6020

Note: Harvey urges you to contact him through his research assistant, Monika Greco by email (monika@harveysilverglate.com) or by telephone (617-876-5610) during regular business hours. Outside of regular business hours, you may contact Harvey directly at harvey@harveysilverglate.com, or by phone at (617) 661-9156. Harvey prefers email to telephone except in emergencies.